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The Web App for your private discussions and 1vs1 in one place

Use collAnon freely to have private discussions and 1vs1 based on temporary anonymity, where the focus is on what is answered instead of who is answering.

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About Discussions

But why and
what's the problem?

When we have group discussions where solutions, ideas or opinions are sought, some of us often can't help but implicitly judge someone's contributions based on their identity instead of what those answers bring to the table.
And thus, some of our answers become more about who writes them than what they say.

That's why we are trying to improve the discussions by letting you freely:

  • Create discussions that run anonymously for a certain period of time
  • Write as many anonymous answers and comments as you want
  • Use likes on answers to express agreement, always anonymously
  • See, at the end, the participants and the best answers

Popular questions

What is collAnon Discussions?

It's a place for your private and free discussions that are based of short anonymity where you start anonymously and end knowing who wrote the best answers.

How does it work?

Sign up > make the discussion > share & contribute |> ...profit?

Support: support[at]collanon.app

About Confrontations

But why and what's the problem?

Sometimes two people(or more) want a private and convenient way to have a confrontation, but are unable to do so in person due to potential miscommunication and misunderstandings.

This is where collAnon You&Me will come handy with:

  • Easy creation of confrontations once logged in
  • Quick sharing via QR code or secret link
  • No signup required for the others anonymous participation
  • Answers are visible only after all the people gave the answer

Popular questions

What is collAnon You&Me?

It's a place for you private and free confrontations where people's takes based on perceived facts and perceptions can be worded better given a context.

How does it work?

Sign up > make the confrontation > share & give your take |> ...profit?

Support: support[at]collanon.app

About Gantt calendar

What's this 🤨?

It's a particular type of calendar, one that's focused on how long a particular thing/event/condition is taking and shows you how many days it's been going on or how much time it took to end.

What I'm offering with this calendar:

  • Totally offline and no-signup required!
  • All data is stored locally in the webapp, by default
  • If logged-in, optional raw backups can be enabled, giving you a way to sync the data between different devices
  • Create custom categories if many event's can categorized and ordered in this way
  • Free download/import of your data(coming soon)

Popular questions

Is there a limit on how much data I can backup?

Yes, as of now all the backup data won't be synced if the total size of the data is greater than 5MB.

The backup data will be analyzed or processed in any way?

No, this data is being directly stored in the database as raw JSON data without any analysis or processing happening on the data.

Support: support[at]collanon.app

Available on any device

be it desktop or mobile, the Web App(PWA) tech makes it possible

collAnon is installable without the need to download any executable(*) thanks to PWA which is a modern way to have desktop/mobile like apps but based completely on browser technology.

Feel free to use your browser of choice that supports PWA to install the app, which could be:


(*) Firefox on desktop will require an add-on to make it possible

And follow the installation guide for your device below