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What collAnon offers?

Safe & private discussions

They are out of the public eyes but still easy to share and make people join, plus each discussion can be optionally password protected and obfuscated too for best privacy.

Reasonable privacy & granted anonimity

When in a running discussion no username or user id is ever exposed, so not even technical people can get around who's who.

Fresh approach to discussions

Not every discussion needs a public place and not every answer needs a name attached right away.
Anonymous answers and likes help to get more sincere ideas and less bias than otherwise being exposed by identity first.

How does it work in few steps

. Make the discussion

Provide title, body, find people if already registered and setup the expiration date and time of the discussion.

You can optionally setup a password for the discussion and extra options.
And if you buy UserPlus+ you can attach files and manage personal groups creation and invitations.

. Share it outside

Be it QR code or invitation link/code, the options are there in case you need to quickly invite/bring existing or new people in the discussion.

. Give answers

Propose ideas or figure out solutions, comment others contributions, put likes on the best answers.

. Look at the best ideas or solutions

At the end of the discussion the best answers are on the spot 🚀 with the names of who made them.

Feel free to try the app!