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Hi, I'm Eugene

the sole maker of collAnon :)
and here's a quick F.A.Q.

Who I'm and what's my motivation behind this service?

I'm a sofware developer from Italy and I run and maintain the web-app both for myself and the people interested in this kind of private means of interacting and communicating with each other without having to rely on the usual services from Google, Facebook, etc.

It is really free?

For me it's a no 😅 given that I pay in time and money(electricity bill) but for everybody else it's a yes. In general I dislike how often free services can't go on without exploiting the user data generated in the services. Other than that, I do accept donations to help keeping the service up and running and maintained/developed.
Plus for keeping the space used sane on my end there're limits there and there.

How do I provide privacy?

Given that I don't have any company behind I don't have to follow the money in order to provide a free service.
Plus I don't use any kind of moderation given that the discussions, confrontations and the Gantt calendar data is never in a public place as long as the invitation links/codes/QRs are kept between people that have been given such means to join those places.